Suehiro Japanese Restaurant

Located in Southeast Fort Collins, Suehiro Japanese Restaurant has been providing high class sushi to the people of Colorado for many years. Locally owned, managed, and staffed, Suehiro offers superior quality and service.

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Excellent Bar Service

Suehiro serves the finest Asian alcohols, and has a fully serviced bar. In addition, Suehiro has a sushi bar where one may watch and talk to the kind and friendly sushi chefs as they go about their delicate work.

World Class Imported Seafood

Suehiro Japanese Restaurant is known for using incredible imported produce and exotic sea-fare, paired with fresh ingredients to create a unique experience in every dish. Suehiro prides itself in exotic sushi, and is known around town for having satisfying proportions, reasonable pricing, and high-quality meals. As a result, Suehiro is in high demand from many different customers!


The high-class sushi menu is the kind of cuisine people all across the world consider an elite delicacy. Taking inspiration from classic and inspired Japanese influence, all the dishes on the menu are designed to satisfy any customer. Using incredible imported produce and exotic sea-fare, paired with fresh ingredients, each dish is so good it can hardly be described in words alone.

We see food differently

Situated in the south Fort Collins, Suehiro Japanese Restaurant provides diners with finely crafted cuisine, using the freshest ingredients, hand-picked from talented local vendors. Inspired by the finest Japanese dishes, our chefs lead our kitchen in creating savory dishes that are inspired and modern, yet comforting and familiar.

The Finest Of Japanese Cuisine

Including items such as the “Combo”, with two tuna, two salmon, and one yellowtail Nigiri. Also including the “Special Yellowtail,” with yellowtail, jalapeno, cilantro, and ponzu.
Full Menu


Appetizers with a creative and personal Suehiro touch.
Appetizer Menu

Classic Suehiro Rolls

Delight in classic Japanese rolls such as the California and Chris Rolls.
Sushi Menu

Lunch Menu

Served until 3:00 PM. Indulge yourself with our “Dynamite Lunch Special,” A Dynamite, or salmon casserole, served with your choice of two sushi rolls: California, tijuana, tuna, krab, cucumber, tempura shrimp, salmon, or salmon skin.
Lunch Menu

Dinner Specialties

Including popular items such as the famed “Beef Teriyaki” and “Salmon Teriyaki,” or the delicious “Chicken Kastsu.” Also try the popular Bento Combinations, served with seaweed salad, rice, and an egg roll.
Dinner Specialties Menu

4431 Corbett Drive, Suite 104 Fort Collins, CO 80525